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'The Reconnection®: Heal Others, Heal Yourself' by Dr Eric Pearl

RRP:$24.95, Now: $21.00

Herbal Tisanes:
Mim Beim's range of quality tisanes contain herbs and homeopathics.
Potent enough to make a difference, delicious enough to enjoy.

Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed - Fire on all cylinders
Calm - Soothe your storm, in a teacup
Cool Change - Respite from the winds of change
Settle Petal - Tranquil tummy
Dinky Di - True blue cuppa
Flex-It - Poetry in motion
Flight Control - Feel first class
Forget Me Not - Keep your wits about you
Frisky Business - A naughty night in
Glow - Revive from the inside
Go-Go - When your get up and go... has gone
Hair of the Dog - The day after the night before
Indispensible - Wellbeing in every cup
Longevity - Live long and well
Nighty Night - Sleep well & sweet dreams
Preggers - Looking after Mum
Sniffle - Snug as a bun in a rug

One pot bag = $2.95
20 cup bag = $14.95
100 cup bag = $29.95


Jade Gemstick = $20.95
Stainless steel teastick = $25.95


'TEA health and happiness' by Mim Beim

Price $14.95

'The Living Matrix' DVD:

The science of healing, featuring innovative researches, authors and health practitioners.

Now at the special price of $21.00

Books by Dr Tom Chalko

'The Joy to Perfect Health'
Price: $15.00

'The Freedom of Choice'
Price: $15.00

'Mount Best Cookbook'
Price: $15.00

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